Exploring Edfu Temple

Almost completely buried in the desert sands when French Egyptologist Auguste Mariette stumbled across the site in 1860, the temple at Edfu had been completely consumed by the village. The roof of the sanctuary area was covered in mud-brick houses, exposed parts of the temple were filled with stables and storehouses, and the inner chambers …


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Kom Ombo Temple

Dedicated both to the crocodile god Sobek, and Haroeris the falcon headed god, the Temple of Kom Ombo lies directly on a prominent bend in the Nile, a fertile place where sacred crocodiles would once gather and sunbathe on the riverbanks during the times of the ancient Egyptians. Originally commissioned by Ptolemy VI, most of … Continue reading Kom Ombo Temple

Coptic Cairo

Cairo, in comparison to the other truly ancient parts of Egypt, is actually a much more modern city, founded around 969 AD. (sooo modern lol) However, the area known as Coptic Cairo, the locals just call it Old Cairo, predates the founding of modern Cairo by several centuries and is one of the oldest parts … Continue reading Coptic Cairo